In a recent post I wrote for, Rediscover Your Genetic Code and Avoid Burnout At The Same Time, we focused on the huge difference it makes when we do things and see things in a whole new way. In the Church, APEST, the Five Fold approach IS that whole new way!

The Five Fold Bible approach is simply: doing faith in community where the five gifts of Ephesians 4:11 are recognized, exercised and maximized. 

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the video I’ve posted below. If you are on Facebook, you’ve already watched it a dozen times (because it’s so good!). So…what does a crying Grandpa have to do with Church transformation?

When we live our faith in tune with our Five Fold (APEST) gifting, suddenly we see the Church – and the Church in the world – the way it meant to be seen.

The impact can be absolutely amazing.

In this video, it’s Grandpa’s birthday and his kids give him a unique gift: glasses. What makes glasses a unique gift? Well, Grandpa has lived entire with the inability to see colors the way there were created to be seen. The glasses (which you can check out here) correct colorblindness. Don’t ask me how, I’m a writer, not a scientist. (However, if you want to understand then I’d watch this video.)

The lenses make it possible for him to see in full color.



Pretty powerful right? You started crying didn’t you?

Wouldn’t you rather have that action happening when you witness God’s mission in the Church in the world? Of course you would. 

Because here’s the other option:

APEST is like those glasses, lenses that help us begin to see the church in dynamic color, as it was created to be seen. 

The lenses make it possible to see the body of Christ in full color.

When we unleash the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher – ALL FIVE – when these gifts show up in living color, the results are going to make your eyes watery; but people will notice the permanent revolution already in progress and the heavens will celebrate. 

It’s time to walk away from the Kodachrome past and leap into the Technicolor present. If you are looking for a way to begin to practice the Five Fold (APEST), Tim Catchim has written a primer on the shape of five fold discipleship over at 5QCentral.  It’s a starting place. Take your time with the post. Get into the rhythm of APEST.

It’s time for the Church to be seen in all of Jesus’ brilliance.

And it begins with the Color “5”.