Rather than only exploring archetypal characters, we also want to explore archetypal moments; moments that helps us discover and understand APEST on a deeper level. This is an archetypal moment that helps us see who a Shepherd is and what a Shepherd does. 

The Shepherd is a really difficult cat to corral. They don’t tick like most normal people. Did I just call Shepherds un-normal? Um…well, yes, I did. Moving on.

They don’t run from crisis. They jump into it.

They don’t escape emotion, they embrace it.

When someone is at their worst, they are at their best.

When the tears flow, that’s where the Shepherd is going to go.

They seem to keep one foot in the door, the other one in the gutter.

You HAVE to watch this clip from This Is Us. Gerald McRaney plays an obstetrician who has to step into an impossible situation: <<Spoiler>> He has to tell a Father that one of his triplets was stillborn.

Watch how he does it, how he manages the rhythm of grace.

What an unbelievable Shepherd moment captured on film!

Warning: This is not a Christian show. This is a show about life. It’s OK, Christians have lives.

Life is what Jesus entered into.

Life is what Jesus died to save.

Life is what Jesus conquered death to set free.

Jesus gave Shepherd to act as tour guides through the joy and pain, the laughter and sorrow that brings life…alive.

The Shepherd in this clip sits where he’s not sure he’s wanted.

He shares his pain and hopes it makes a difference.

He speaks Father to Father, not Doctor to patient.

He walks away.

Sometimes the Shepherd leaves the sheep to work things out on their own.

Brilliant! Just brilliant.

As we explore the role of the Shepherd in the scope of 5Q/APEST, this is a great model to use in understanding how they interact in the world, in real time, in truth and love. Think about your own Shepherd gift. How does this clip strike you? Is this the joy of your ministry? How does your story give new life to someone else’s?

We’d love for you to help us help others. What Film/TV/Literary character helps you understand who a Shepherd is meant to be?