A Major problem in the American Church is that we don’t like the people that are in it. And we really don’t like their gifts. As a result, the five fold gifted self select into one fold churches. Sound familiar?

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The apostles, frustrated with the congregational life and politic, move out and plant new churches.

The prophets hermetically seal themselves into prophetic enclaves where they diagnose themselves into uselessness.

The evangelists, well, where are they? They’ve been MIA since I can remember. Call me if you find one!

The pastors are hunkered down, solo-pastors of 40-50 member churches, desperate for the other four gifts to join them in their ministry.

The teachers are hunkered down in mainline denominations where learning is called discipleship.

This is not Jesus’ plan for his Bride! There is another way…and that is the point of this blog.
Where do you see the self-selection of Gifts happening in the Body of Christ? Where do you see the successful blending of the gifts in the Church today?