Hello readers! I saw this morning that there was a new feed subscriber – Welcome, Scott – and I felt the weight of not having posted in a while. This morning, we are moving into a new home, which marks our post- Hurricane Harvey recovery goal. It’s a great day and a very intense and strangely emotional transition. The last three months have been marked by a ton of transition, lots of new things, and – oh, yeah – planting a new church.

At the moment, I’m the Editor-at-Large of the 5QCentral Blog, Alan Hirsch’s central hub for APEST coaching, training, publishing and blogging! There is fresh weekly content there. It’s not the same approach that I take here, but between the amazing contributing authors, there is a whole lot of fabulous content.

This week we wrapped up a couple of post on what happens when APEST goes wrong, when people get tired and burned out: The 5 Don’t Be’s of 5Q. You’ll learn about the Dominant Apostle, Disrespectful Prophet, Disconnected Evangelist, Drowning Shepherd and the Dogmatic Teacher.

Good Gifts Gone Bad: The Five Don’t Be’s Of 5Q

More Good Gifts Gone Bad: The Five Don’t Be’s of 5Q

There are ceaseless posts in the hopper. Hopefully, I’ll get a rhythm of creating them soon. Thanks for reading and subscribing. I really appreciate that fact that you hang in with these snapshots of APEST in action.